Light for the Lost Orphans Home caters for the material and spiritual needs of orphans, widows and prisoners.  Support Us
Nigeria has approximately 17millon orphans and Vulnerable Children, considered to be one of the highest in the world including over 2millon Orphaned by Hiv\Aids.

Light for the Lost Orphans Home was founded in 2004. The dream and vision of the founders Evangelist Ebenezer Anayene and his wife is to provide for the material and spiritual needs of orphans widows and prisoners. They are also very active in human rights, socio-economic, human development as well as gender and child rights activism.

The orphanage is also a legally registered charity organization (NGO) and also a member of HURINET. Human Rights Information Network (HURINET) is an association of NGOs dedicated to shearing ideas, experience and resources amongst members. It is supported by the British Council and the United Nations Information Center (UNIC).

Target Group

  • Orphans and Vulnerable children
  • Prisoners
  • Widows
  • Youth


  • To build a home & family for the less privileged and help them direct their own future and destiny.


  • To pursue relentlessly programmes that encourages spiritual, economic and mental well being of the less privileged.


  • The orphanage seek provide a shelter and home for the abandoned child
  • Carry out advocacy on the abandoning of children.
  • Carry out activities that will facilitate the freedom of convicted inmates as well as those awaiting trial without cause.
  • Provide temporary shelter and rehabilitation for inmates, counseling and ministration in Prisons.
  • Also provide shelter and home to the destitute and physically challenged children in the society.
  • Partnering with other NGOs & stakeholders at finding lasting solutions to the problem of vulnerable children and prison welfare in the country